Original Condition Of Man

We will study what the Scripture says about humanity as God originally created him. What was Adam like?

Anthropology: The Original Condition of Man

Man was created a perfect being.

The record of Scripture plainly describes that man was not created a simple cell that evolved or any other such theory, but was created perfectly complete and mature. There were no flaws in God’s design.

Man was created a free moral agent.

The sin in the garden was volitional on the part of man. It was completely voluntary for they had the freedom of choice.

Man was created with an inherent religious instinct, which made him conscious of moral responsibility to God, and capable of communion with God.

Original man was created sinless (Genesis 1:31) and innocent of evil. (Genesis 2:17; 3:5-7)

Genesis 1:31:

  • very &mdash mead (Hebrew) superlative; exceeding; very

  • good &mdash towb (Hebrew) good; best; beautiful

The original man was endued with lofty intellectual faculties. Genesis 2:19, 20; Hebrews 2:6-9

Man was created with enough intellectual capacity to give names to all living creatures, and to have dominion over them. The modern theories of evolution, which try to explain the development of man from a lower order of beings, are monstrous products of unbridled imaginations.

Genesis 3:7 does not suggest that Adam and Eve were created intellectually ignorant. The fact they could be naked and not know it would seem to suggest a lack of intelligence. The answer to this puzzle is that they were created in innocence and not ignorance. It is hard for us to comprehend a world full of innocence and void of evil. But this is exactly the atmosphere of Eden that Adam and Eve enjoyed. There were no impure thoughts or motives, no sewer-thinking, or any such thing. Until the fall there was no precedent for sin. They enjoyed the glory and beauty of the purity of God in a pristine form—untouched by the filth of sin.


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